OPPOSITION political parties are missing an opportunity to market themselves  to electorates by failing to tell them what they will do for the country instead of concentrating on what government is unable to do, the Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) has observed.

And GYZ has observed that there is need to repeal prohibitive provisions of the Public Order Act (POA) so that controversies that arose on the alleged unfair treatment of opposition political parties on their rights to assemble could be resolved once and for all.

GYZ president Henry Mulenga told the Daily Nation yesterday that opposition political parties were missing a golden opportunity to explain to the Zambians what they would do for the country by taking an antagonistic approach towards government without giving a proper road map on what they would do.

Mr. Mulenga noted that politicians could earn for themselves a reputation and win votes for practising good politics if they invested more on explaining their policies to the people rather than concentrating on government’s alleged failures to deliver to the people of Zambia. He said politicians in Zambia were not inspiring the youths to join the political arena but had remained as spectators because politicians were preoccupied with mudslinging, hate speech, name-calling and insults which did not benefit Zambians in any way.

Mr Mulenga said making government’s failures as their theme would not help them woo support among the Zambians because it was not true that government had failed to deliver in all areas.

He said it was important to acknowledge the success that Government had scored especially in the area of infrastructure development. Mr Mulenga urged opposition political parties to be issue-based in their packaging of campaign messages if they were to garner support from Zambians.

“As an organisation that deals in good governance activism, we are disappointed with the route of character assassination, propaganda, name calling and hate speech that opposition political parties have taken at the expense of explaining to the people what they will do for them once elected into power rather than concentrating on what government is not doing. “Instead of being reactive to what government is failing to do, they have a golden opportunity of drawing a line between what government is doing and what they intend to do once elected by engaging into issue-based politics so that people can analyse what they are telling them and in the process make decisions based on issues raised. Focusing on government’s failures will not help them in any way,” Mr. Mulenga said.

And Mr. Mulenga said there was need to repeal the POA in order to address the challenges that existed among political parties.

“There is need for political parties to come together and agree on the removal of prohibitive parts of the POA so that these accusations and counter accusations on who is being biased is stopped once and for all,” he said.

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