The cartel is trying to escape justice by fighting to remove President Edgar Lungu by replacing him with a stooge who will ensure that they escape justice, the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has observed.

ZDDM president Edwin Sakala has however warned that foreign-sponsored political parties and organization should defeat in this election because the majority population could not be cheated into supporting their selfish agenda of merely assuming power for their funders.

Mr Sakala said most of the political parties and NGOs in Zambia were funded by outside forces which were not charitable organizations but had selfish interests in the country.

He said the future of Zambia was at stake as some forces have joined hands with a view to oust President Lungu in order to take advantage of the country’s resources,

The ZDDM president said his party was concerned that the future of Zambia was being compromised by selfish politicians who received funds from foreign forces in exchange of easy access to the country’s resources.

Mr. Sakala noted that Zambia was one of the richest countries in Africa with abundant natural resources and vast untapped land which had made it a target for occupation by investors from countries with no resources.

He said the international forces which were after the country’s resources had found helpers in their scheme of accessing Zambia by befriending individuals facing serious charges of stealing public funds.

“Our position is, Zambia is not for sale. As a party we call on the Chief Justice to ensure that the cases involving the Cartel are not delayed unnecessarily,” Mr Sakala said.

He said it was sad that the Zambian political culture was that of expecting money from political parties especially during campaign time.

“We demand that the new law of funding political parties be implemented before the forthcoming elections to enable them account for their expenditure and explain the source of their extra funds which they will use to avoid Zambia being mortgaged,” Mr Sakala said.

He said political parties in Zambia received money with conditions attached hence the urgent need for the Zambian security forces to investigate the source of funding.

Mr Sakala said the worst mistake Zambians could make is to vote for stooges because the country could overnight go back into slavery as their masters could move in to claim all the wealth and land which they were investing in by providing huge funding.

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