Lusaka lawyer Bradford Machila has no moral right to comment on MMD affairs because his name only appears on party documents but in essence he has moved to United Party for National Development (UPND) whom he campaigned for in the January 2015 Presidential by-election, MMD trustee and National Executive Committee (NEC) member Dr. Peter Machungwa has said.

Dr Machungwa said Mr Machila had been completely inactive in the MMD NEC along with several others who were caught on the wrong foot during the last election and abandoned MMD and campaigned for the UPND and the PF.

Mr. Machila has been quoted in some section of the media as saying MMD MPs were not loyal to party president Dr. Nevers Mumba and were not interested in re-contesting their seats on the party ticket.

He insisted that there must be a convention before any negotiations of a possible alliance with the PF can take place.

“Mr. Machila is contradicting himself in his comments. The party is aware that a lot of our MPs have found themselves in an extremely awkward and confusing position as they had never been in opposition and panicked when they saw the huge crowds of opposition party rallies. They rushed to align themselves to these parties and saw no hope in MMD which they left for dead.  To their utter shock, their preferred party lost the election and these people have now found themselves in the political wilderness with no relevance to any party hence the immoral demands they are making for an MMD convention,” Dr. Machungwa said.

He explained that in spite of all this, the party still extended an olive branch for reconciliation through the Truth and Reconciliation Committee which he chaired and several MPs submitted themselves to this committee and were forgiven and brought back to the fold.

Dr Machungwa however said Mr. Machila never attended this committee’s sessions and has further absconded himself from party meetings since then.

He has advised Mr. Machila to refrain from commenting on the MMD convention and instead focus on championing for the holding of a convention for the UPND where he had moved to.

He reiterated that the MMD will not allow itself to be distracted from the ongoing party mobilization and repositioning efforts in preparation for the August election.

“Mr. Machila is right to say that some MPs may have never been loyal to Dr. Nevers Mumba.  This is normal and expected in politics as they may have regarded him as an outsider and owed him nothing since he was not the one who had given them the ministerial positions they had enjoyed in the past.

“That is why the party hopes that with the dissolution of Parliament this May, such MPs will seize the opportunity to leave the MMD and migrate to stand on the party tickets of their choice. This will hopefully create space for the MMD leadership to concentrate on the ongoing identification of a completely new crop of aspiring  candidates for the parliamentary and local government seats for the forthcoming elections,” he said.


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