I can work with all other political parties in an alliance except the United Party for National Development (UPND), says National Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba.

He also said the Patriotic Front (PF) did not need the MMD to win the 2016 general elections.

Dr Mumba said there was no way that President Lungu would want to partner with the MMD which had continued to perform poorly.

“PF can still win the elections without the MMD, they do not need them, as NRP we are ready to work with the ruling party and any other party except UPND. There is no need for partnering with a party that has continued to perform poorly in the recent elections, their position now is usually fourth if not fifth, it is embarrassing for a party as big as the MMD to perform worse than Edith Nawakwi,” he said.

He urged the President to work with other political parties like the NRP that would help him attain the 50 percent+1 vote threshold.

Dr Mumba said President Lungu should not only single out MMD to work with during the August 11 elections as he needed other political parties to help him.

“I want to urge the President to work with political parties that can help him and give him support. MMD is not the only party, he needs even other parties if he has to get the 50 percent+1 vote which are now required by the new constitution,” he said.

Dr Mumba said he could not work with the UPND because of the arrogance in the leadership.

He said he vowed to work with the current ruling party because of the good leadership that it had demonstrated.

“NRP cannot work with the UPND because of the kind of arrogance it has exhibited. On the other hand I am ready to work with the current Head of State because of the good leadership he has exhibited in the country,” Dr Mumba said. He said President Lungu had nothing to worry about whether the MMD were ready to enter into an alliance with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) or not.

Dr Mumba urged all politicians to refrain from political violence as they were involved in various political activities.

He challenged the Zambia Police Service to be proactive during the election time to avoid politics of violence.

“I would like to urge politicians to stay away from violence as we approach the election period, the police service should be proactive, all policemen have a role in this and the Inspector general should be a role model to ensure the Police are not tribal or partisan, ‘’ he explained.

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