THREE political parties have formed an alliance to field one presidential candidate ahead of the August 11 polls.

National Restoration Party (NAREP) leader Elias Chipimo jnr , Fourth Revolution Party (4RP) leader Erick Chanda have entered into an alliance with Democratic Front (DF) leader Miles Sampa.

This was announced yesterday and the new alliance would be called the Orange Alliance.

NAREP, DF and 4RP announced the development at a news briefing held at the NAREP

Head office in Lusaka yesterday which was also covered live by Radio Mano in Kasama.

The three parties have since resolved to contest the August 11 polls under the Orange Alliance.

Mr Chipimo would serve as Chairman while Erick Chanda has been appointed General Secretary and Spokesperson with Mr Sampa being anointed Alliance presidential candidate.

And Mr Sampa has clarified that the Orange Alliance was not formed to fight an individual nor a political party but fight the high levels of poverty in Zambia.

“This is not a fight about any individual or any political party…the role of this alliance is to liberate Zambia from economic slavery,” he said.

Mr Sampa said Zambians were still slaves economically and that only Orange Alliance would liberate the citizens.

“This is the time for all the youths and students to stand up and be counted,” he said.

Mr Sampa said the Orange Alliance was a revolution aimed at fighting hunger and not individuals or political parties.

He said the three leaders in Orange alliance had their own political experiences which would be put together in already existing structure across the country.

“We are still open to all political parties as an alliance. We are open even to PF but we have to think twice about it,” Mr Sampa said.

He said the Alliance was not formed overnight but that the three leaders had been having meetings late in the night in order to merge for the purpose of fielding one presidential candidate.

Mr Sampa said he had sacrificed for Matero constituency where he was born but this time around he was not only fighting for one particular constituency but all the 150 constituencies across the country.

He said God must have put him in his position to inspire young people and the battle which he had decided to entre was not for one leader but the three of them.

“Whenever I  start a battle I have never failed and this time I have started this battle with two other leaders so why should I fail,” Mr Sampa said.

And when asked who would be his running-mate in August, Mr Sampa said the Alliance would come up with one after consulting its general membership.

And Mr Chipimo said the Alliance was the only solution to Zambia’s problems.

“We have come together for a clear purpose and we are determined to build this country’s future,” he said.

Mr Chipimo said the alliance had come up with a message of hope to Zambians and urged members to put their differences aside and work together.

He said pangas and guns might have been designed to intimidate people but that the two weapons would never suppress the alliance from free speech.

Mr Chipimo said the right thing for all political parties was to discard violence in politics.

“We say no to political violence and we say no what happened to Mr Sampa at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport. What happened to Mr Sampa was a shame and he should never be denied free speech,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Chanda urged Zambians to support the Alliance.

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