We are very surprised and taken aback that Elias Chipimo Jnr. president of Narep, a politician we held in high esteem, could enter into an alliance with Miles Sampa  who is now aiming to stand as president.

To date the credentials of Miles Sampa are not known as he has vacillated from one position to another without at any one time stating what exactly his true intentions were.

Until his resignation as deputy minister Sampa insisted that he was a dedicated member of the Patriotic Front and would not under any circumstance betray his loyalty to the party he had helped found.

He went to the extent of stating that even if expelled he would not leave the Patriotic Front.

From all indications and emerging evidence now, Sampa was lying.

Documentation shows that even as he professed to be a dedicated PF member he was in the process of forming, joining or indeed taking over the leadership of the Democratic Front.

This in itself is duplicity as he was, and still is, in parliament as a member of the Patriotic Front, a capacity from which he was duty bound and legally compelled to resign in order to join another party.

Dual party membership is not allowed in Zambia therefore his activities were inimical and a travesty of the multi-party principle.

Meanwhile his leadership of the DF is now before the courts of law, with his colleagues arguing that his continued membership of the PF had passage of time and events excluded him from the new party. The court still has to make a determination one way or the other.  

Given this background and the controversy surrounding the matter it is astounding that Sampa could assume leadership in an alliance whose foundation and building block should be a solid bonafide political party and yet his membership to the DF is at best tenuous and at worst non-existent as the matter is currently in court.

Given this tentative position it is difficult to determine how serious this alliance could be because any alliance should be composed of bona fide institutions such as NAREP or indeed the Fourth Revolutionary Party of Mr. Eric Chanda

It is for this reason that we are surprised at the haste and break neck speed with which the alliance has been established. Miles Sampa must explain himself to the Zambian people who have been taken aback by his antics.

He must explain why he presented himself as a loyal, hardworking and spirited member of the Patriotic Front who was  being paid as deputy minister and Member of Parliament for representing a party which he had already ditched.

This is duplicity and at worst obtaining money by misrepresentation.

If the conduct of Miles Sampa is anything to go by it can be concluded that he is not ready, committed nor indeed focused enough to enter into an alliance on behalf of the party that he does not lead and for a cause that is obviously unclear or mired in serious legal controversy.


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