THE PF should consider going into an alliance with the Zambia Republican Party because it has been an all-weather partner and is ready to campaign vigorously for its presidential candidate, the party said yesterday.

ZRP president Wright Musoma told the Daily Nation that his party had resolved to rally behind the PF in the 2016 elections because it was the only party that could be trusted with quality leadership.

Mr. Musoma said President Edgar Lungu’s proposal to court the MMD was a step in the right direction but the strength of the party would be enhanced further with the presence of the ZRP because it was the ‘‘fastest growing party in Zambia’’ as it had spread its tentacles across the country.

He said time had come for politicians to put their differences aside by supporting those that added value to the country’s developmental agenda in order to avoid a costly re-run.

He said if the PF brought on board the MMD and ZRP there was no way the country would go for a re-run because the two opposition political parties would add more votes to the ruling party to ensure that it attained the 50 percent plus 1 majority vote.

“President Lungu’s call for the MMD to consider going into an alliance with the PF is timely and welcome it as it will prevent a re-run during the election and our appeal to the MMD is to put aside their differences with the PF and work together during this year’s election because it is for the common good of the Zambian people.

“However, we feel the PF should also add the ZRP to its alliance partners because we have worked together before and it knows our contribution during elections which doesn’t need to be over-emphasised. We are ready to help the PF win the election by a landslide victory if it is willing to work with us,” Mr. Musoma said.

He said time for name-calling among political players was long gone adding that there were no permanent enemies in politics hence the need for politicians to work together.

“A re-run will be too costly and that is what we need to avoid at all costs. Splitting votes will not help the country in any way but will only make the country lose resources unnecessarily when we could avoid some of these things.

“Since we know that PF is the only credible party that can foster sound economic development, we are more than ready to work with it just like we have done before,” he said.

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