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Nawakwi got it all wrong


Madam Nawakwi, I am sorry to state that you sometimes act as if you have not been in a classroom. Your misinformation over the procurement of fire engines clearly shows your lack of knowledge on how tenders are executed. For your information there are a lot of factors that are used to pick the right bidder. Let it also be known that it’s not always the lowest bidder who carries the day. No. Some bidders are simply jokers, probably that could be the story with the Carrington maize; who knows. So always research extensively before you say something, madam.

Micky, Lusaka


Sampa should kneel and pray


Why should Mils Sampa register a political party which is already in use? I wish to express my worry on his incredible speed or a shortcut he has taken in the name of becoming a president. I advise our MP to relax, kneel down and pray. Ask for God’s direction. They say it’s is better to learn how to live than to learn how to make a living.

Matero resident


UPND is the party of the



Even if the MMD and the PF try to join hands and go at it together they stand no chance of winning. We know the party that is ready to facelift our country. To my fellow Zambians that are still deciding on who to vote for, HH of the UPND is the man of the moment. Join the winning party, the UPND, and make a better Zambia for all.

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka


Please don’t ape

Dennis Liwewe


The man who did the commentary on Radio 2 during the Zambia – Mali game sounded more like the late Dennis Liwewe. To be inspired is one thing, to imitate is another. What he was doing was copying Dennis. My mum thought I was listening to one of the recorded archives of Dennis’ commentaries. My advice is let us be unique in our own way even as  we are inspired by these legends.

Troy Mukupa, Matero.


 The question of a running mate


As I see it Given Lubinda could qualify. Many people admire him and has a large following. This is all because of his characteristics. Mathews Kernan Lungu.

Chunga, Lusaka




ZASTI going down, Govt should intervene


It’s so sad that the only aviation school in the nation, the Zambia Air Services Training Institute (ZSTI), is on the verge of collapse. Government is not seen visiting the institute but boasting that it is growing the industry. Political parties please tell us the truth on the aviation industry. We have voters’ cards in our hands. Come to the campus and address us. We need you and you need us. Change is our need.

 Student ZASTI College, Lusaka KK



 Ruth Phiri murder



I wish to express my utter disgust at the gruesome murder of a 17-year-old  Ruth Phiri allegedly by her boyfriend last week. I condemn the barbaric act and feel the law should take its course.  No one is above the law.

 Elemiya Phiri





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