MILES Sampa is a hired gun and a political nonentity whose only mission is to split votes and undermine Patriotic Front’s ability to win an outright victory in the forthcoming Presidential and general elections, says Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili.

Meanwhile, records at the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) show that Mr. Sampa was not among the founder members of the Democratic Front (DP), the party he claimed to have launched last week.

Mr. Kambwili said Mr. Sampa was an opportunist who was being sponsored enemies of PF to destabilise the party but would not manage to sway people from the ruling party.

“Miles Sampa is  a political mosquito that never had any influence,” he said

He said it was wrong for Mr. Sampa to continue misleading people that he was a founder member of the PF because he only joined the party in 2006 after seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, adding that if he was a political heavyweight, PF founder Michael Sata would have given him a full ministerial position.

“He is claiming that he was a founder member of PF but we were only five when we formed the party with Mr. Sata. The first members of the party were students from the Copperbelt University and I was the first Copperbelt provincial chairman.

‘‘At that time, Mr. Sampa was just an employee at Finance Bank and only joined in 2006. How can he claim he is a founder member? What has he done for the PF?’’

He said Mr. Sampa had come to the end of his political career just like the other PF prodigal son Mr. Kabimba because he had no following.

“When Kabimba left PF, he thought he was going to finish PF. Where is he today? He has now ganged up with the Post newspaper and funded Mr. Sampa to form a party to deplete the PF but Mr. Sampa has just come to the end of his political career just like Mr. Kabimba.

“Mr. Sata only gave Mr. Sampa the position of deputy minister because he knew that he is an under-five. He is a political nonentity; a political mosquito without any following; a political lightweight without a following and that is why he failed to launch his party in his constituency and opted to go to the Copperbelt,” he said.

And sources at PACRA told the Daily Nation that Mr. Sampa has no solid ground to claim presidency of the newly-formed Democratic Front (DF) and would lose the case to David Chanda because there was no legal documentation to show the change of office-bearers.

Sources said documents at PACRA showed that Mr. Chanda was the leader of DF and there were no authenticated records to show that office-bearers were changed.

And Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson Moses Siwali also said there was no documentation to prove that Miles Sampa owns the DF.

Speaking to journalists after a meeting between the Chief Registrar of Societies and DF representative Ngolwa Sakala yesterday, Siwali said records at the Registrar of Societies revealed that Mr. Chanda owned the party.

“So now the claim is that there was this process which took place but the other side and our documents indicate that there was no documentation to prove that.

“ So that is why we have instituted this inquiry so that we establish the truth regarding this issue. All the findings will be given to the media when we are done with investigations,” he said.

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