THE rising number of prostitutes plying their trade in Lusaka’s Chaisa, Chipata and Chawama compounds has raised a lot of concern among the residents who have called for action to contain the worrying situation.

Prostitution has particularly incensed married women who feared for their marriages.

The wives claimed that there was an increase in the number of prostitutes parading in streets at night daily to make money from men including their husbands

Ms Natalie Chufi a Chawama resident said the number of prostitutes parading in the streets has kept on increasing by the day due to economic hardships.

Ms. Chufi said the women in prostitution were inconsiderate and did not fear God or love anyone including themselves.

“These are women who do not care about the homes of the other women because they never plan for their own lives or what they are going to do tomorrow.

“They queue in the streets waiting to get other people’s husbands without thinking of the consequences of their action considering the fact that these are the same  men who take care of  families including school-going children,” said Ms Chufi . Ms Chufi also said that HIV/ AIDS has was spreading rapidly because the prostitutes did not care about their health or that  of their clients because all they were only interested in was money.

Given Kasolo a Chaisa resident also complained that it was not right for women to be selling their bodies to men in the name of making a living.

Ms Kasolo said the economy was bad for everyone but there were many ways for women to make a living instead of engaging in prostitution.

“These women should be taken to rehabilitation centres so that they can be moulded into responsible citizens that care about the welfare of the other people,

“They are be able to stand up and do work or business that does not involve them selling their bodies or breaking people’s homes and leaving children miserable just because they want to make money’’, she said.

-Millennium Radio 90.5FM

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