Dear Editor,

There is a serious health issue in Mukwa Road in the heavy industrial area concerning a firm which is discharging dangerous chemicals in the air without concern of health dangers it poses to the people.

These chemicals have a pungent smell much to the discomfort of the inhalers in the area.

Sometimes the chemicals cause eye irritation and I am more than sure that soon people will develop some kind of skin and other related respiratory diseases. This has been going for some months and many of us thought it would end sooner or later but lo the nuisance has continued and even getting worse.

We are appealing to the concerned authorities to quickly visit Mukwa Road and get the correct information for appropriate action. Either ZEMA or Food and Poisons Board should check all companies in this road to find the culprit which they will easily do so because there is already a suspect company which could be behind our miseries.

Simon Zuze

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