THE Patriotic Front (PF) in Matero has accused Home Affairs Deputy minister Panji Kaunda of campaigning against the ruling party by pursuing party cadres and officials involved in illegal land allocation.

But Colonel Kaunda has charged that being a member of the ruling party did not meant that party cadres and officials were above the law to engage in illegal acts with impunity.

Col Kaunda, who is chairperson of the Task Force on illegal land allocation and acquisition, said he was not going to be intimidated by PF cadres in his quest to curb the scourge of land grabbing.

Col Kaunda said if the PF youths in Matero were not going to stop their illegal acts, he would continue arresting them because there was need for order and sanity in the management and administration of land in the country.

He told the Daily Nation that there had been too many reports of land grabbing, illegal allocation and acquisition and that it was the PF cadres and officials who were in fact making the PF unpopular.

Col Panji said if ensuring that there was law and order was to campaign against the PF, he had no regrets because no citizen was above the law or could be allowed to break the law with impunity.

He said he was following the law and was executing his job and that those who were accusing him of making the PF unpopular should know that it was their illegal actions that had the capacity to make the ruling party lose an election.

Col Kaunda said the PF cadres and officials allegedly involved in illegal land activities were feeling the heat, warning that he was not going to stop in demanding the arrest and prosecution all cadres engaged in illegal land sales.

“Tell them that I do not care where they accuse me of campaigning against the PF because my actions are based on the strict observation of law and order. I have no regrets in doing what I am doing because I am following the law.

‘‘I have no regrets and let them know that the law will continue to follow them. I am on my way for another operation to make sure this vice is eliminated,” Col Kaunda said.

But Matero constituency youth secretary Stanley Mwamba Kafula said it was not correct that cadres and party officials in the constituency were engaged in illegal land allocation and other criminal acts in the administration of land in the area.

Mr Kafula said it had become clear that the actions of Col Kaunda were meant to make the PF unpopular because the ruling party was not involved in illegal land activities.

Mr Kafula dispelled assertions that some Matero constituency officials were on the run following a raid at their homes and that none of the officials were part of the illegal land activities.

He said the land Col Kaunda was referring to belonged to Tenthani Mwanza who he claimed was a friend of the deputy Homes Affairs minister.

Mr Mfula said Mr Mwanza was attempting to extend his plot at Matero’s Buseko market but was stopped because the piece of land he was claiming belonged to Lusaka City Council.

“Col Kaunda issued directives to arrest some PF officials in Matero and within a short time, supporters of Miles Sampa, the leader of the newly formed party, raided the PF offices at Buseko and closed it. Col Kaunda is campaigning against the PF and we want to let him know that what he is saying is not true,” Mr Kafula said.

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