THE abnormal loud music played in most mini buses in Lusaka is a serious noise pollution which calls for immediate action to stop it.

Many commuters complained their journeys on mini buses had become a nightmare because of loud music being played by bus crews. Ms Nandi Zulu, who commuted daily from Kalingalinga to the town centre, described the loud music played on buses as annoying.

“I once suffered a ringing sensation in my ears for the greater part of my day after disembarking from a mini bus where loud music was played, it’s so annoying,” she said.

Ms. Zulu observed that some bus drivers were arrogant and often unsympathetic to noise from their music systems.

“One of the bus drivers once answered me rudely “you are a boss at your workplace but not here in my bus,” she said.

Another commuter Ronald Chishimba said the idea of playing music in mini buses was okay, but the problem came in because most bus crews did not understand the difference between entertaining music and just making noise.

“Too much of anything is bad, when the music is too loud on a bus, it becomes so annoying, sometimes when you complain, it only leaves the complainant to open range of insults,” he said.

But Mr Simwanza Silwamba, a bus driver said playing music, especially gospel, in his bus helped him ease the stress and tensions associated with his job.

“Our job can be stressful, we wake up very early, we spend most of the time standing, shouting and shoving with other crews for passengers. Music helps me cool down my emotions,” he said.

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