KANYAMA residents have accused their Member of Parliament Colonel Gerry Chanda of failing to keep his promise of bringing development to the constituency.

They charged that their MP had done nothing to improve their living conditions.

Kalumba Mwila, a resident of John Laing township, told the Daily Nation that the MP promised during his campaign to provide better roads and health facilities, but after winning election he cut ties with his constituents.

Mr. Mwila said most of the roads in the area were in a deplorable state and that health facilities still remained a challenge as residents had to go to Kanyama to access medical attention.

“The MP promised to pave the roads, pay attention to health issues, but nothing has been done so far. The roads are still bad and we do not have health facilities. We rarely see him here, he has done completely nothing for the people of John Laing,” Mr. Mwila said.

Another resident of Kanyama township Tiza Mwale called on other constituents not to re-elect Colonel Chanda in the forthcoming elections, accusing him of hampering development in the area.

Ms. Mwale indicated that even after so many complaints, access to clean water and sanitation were still a challenge in the area.

She stated that even though MPs did not have executive authority, they should be able to take people’s problems and requirements to the relevant authorities.

“There is no benefit in re-electing him in the next elections, he has failed to deliver and bring our complaints to relevant authorities. As long he stays in power, the constituency will never develop, so he should be voted out,” she said.

But Colonel Chanda said the criticism was untrue.

He said he had initiated various developmental projects in the constituency, saying that he had done better than the nine MPs who had served Kanyama constituency before him.

“I am a very proud MP, I have done the best compared to other MPs that have come before me; nobody can take that away from me.

‘‘In terms of development Kanyama is in a far much better place than I found it.

I have done more than 15 roads and brought forth infrastructure development,” Col Chanda said.

He charged that those complaining were ‘‘hired thugs’’ bought by his opponents who were trying to de-campaign him in the forthcoming general elections.

“Those are just hired gangs trying to de-campaign me, but that does not worry me. I will remain focused and I am still contesting the elections,” he said.

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