Youthfulness has many advantages but sometimes it can also be a curse.

The trend of the last few years where youthful Cabinet ministers and deputy ministers have taken the reins of power in some Government ministries has been hailed as a very good thing, and even progressive.

Youthful Vincent Mwale is the Minister of Youth and Sports and Miles Sampa was deputy Commerce minister. Just look at their youthful and even handsome faces.

They make some of us with bald heads appear quite antiquated, and those Southern African presidents of a certain age who have been in power since Adam was banished from the Garden of Eden have been told to go home and babysit their great grandchildren while their sons and daughters’ children’s children and their wives and husbands go to work.

But judging from what youthful Miles Sampa has done with the issue of the newly-launched Democratic  Front (DF) party, youth then becomes not the be-all and end-all after all.

In fact, only a youthful party president could be given a 24-hour ultimatum to change the name of his party because it has allegedly been stolen from another opposition party with the same name (Daily Nation, January 26, 2016).

Deep arrogance? Really? Only youthful DF president Miles Sampa could think he could do these things and get away with them, or worse, his wishes would be implemented by adults around the country at his say-so.

I put it down to youthful arrogance. Nothing more.

No wonder he has succeeded in rousing the ire, the incandescent ire, of the genuine PF support base which is no longer prepared to be ordered about by the descendants of the former president, late Michael Sata.

Thus, right across the country – from Livingstone to Chililabombwe, Nakonde to Nalolo, Kasama to Kazungula, Mongu to Mansa, Chadiza to Chavuma, Kalabo to Katete, Mpulungu to Mwinilunga, hardcore PF supporters are up in arms, and like a latent volcano firing into life, spewing raw lava at the disrespect shown them by DF’s presidential arrogance.

So where will it all end? We all know that over the last few months the cartel oligarchy has been assiduously rebranding themselves as pro-regime change to tap into the influential PF vote.

Hence the similarities between PF and DF words that are astonishing. PF voters could naively be duped into voting for DF with ease. Clever for them.

But for the love of God, they should learn to give the Lungu-led PF the same time and space that MMD and others gave themselves to come to terms with regime continuity but not change. Will they?

 Mubanga Luchembe, LUSAKA

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