Dear Editor,

I am a PF supporter but what is happening at bus stations could easily work against the much popular PF during election time.

We are being victimized by our fellow drivers who think they are more PF than us.

They would come get our money meant for our daily small loans ‘chilimba’ to fund some known PF cadres.

When the day to get your money is due, they are full of excuses. In the end they will tell you that the money has gone to PF secretariat and branches yet they have pocketed it.

Some have bought personal cars while still others are building houses at the expense of our hard earned money.

When you complain about it, they label you a UPND supporter.

Now UPND is getting advantage of that. Can the President Mr E.C. Lungu intervene or send some officers to investigate the matter?.  We are ready to give the names of people behind this scam to the President.

Please come and rescue us from these thieves before we all become UPND. Ask anyone on Lumumba or Chazanga routes where the system is taking place.

Concerned driver 

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