Chingola businessman Richard Kazala has apologised to Chingola residents for not contesting as Member of Parliament in any constituency maintaining that his focus will be on winning the FAZ vice Presidency post.

Kazala, a former MP for Nchanga, has said that he was optimistic that he would win and work closely with President Kalusha Bwalya in FAZ to improve football standards in the country.

“I am not contesting in any constituency as Member of Parliament (MP), but I pledge to serve the people of Chingola through football,” Kazala said.

Kazala told the Daily Nation from Chingola that he was not ready for the August 11 general elections despite being approached by several people asking him to stand as Parliamentary candidate in any constituency in Chingola.

“Reports going round that I am also standing as MP are false. Yes I have been approached by people to contest the Nchanga ticket but I am not ready for the polls. I can contribute to Sports through FAZ. I feel football has given employment to many of our youths and I hope to ensure that more of such a platform is created,” he said.

He emphasised that he was not coming to FAZ as a ‘‘bootlicker’’ but to contribute to the growth and success of the game.

“I am not coming to FAZ to benefit from the soccer body or rather to eat. Football must benefit from me and not me benefiting from the game,” he said. Meanwhile, Kazala said he did not need the blessings of any particular candidate because it was his right to aspire for any FAZ position.

He said it was unfortunate that some individuals would go round insinuating that he did not have the favour of FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya.

“Kalusha has been mute on the issue of vice-presidency because he understands that it is the Electoral College that votes. He understands the FAZ constitution very well. He is neutral.  All those insinuating that my campaigns do not have the blessings of Kalusha are wrong. They are wrong because it is the councillors that will vote, and they are the ones to bless me,” he said.

Kazala said he was still backing Kalusha for third term because he was the only presidential candidate with a clear and successful track record.

“I feel those challenging Kalusha lack quality in terms of leadership skills. Kalusha is the only one that has a proven record internationally and able to run the sport in Zambia,” he said. The FAZ elective Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been set for March 19 at Kitwe’s Moba hotel.

Henschel Chitembeya and Andrew Kamanga are so far the only challengers to Kalusha.

Lusaka Dynamos Football Club chairman Mofya Chisala and Kazala are vying for the post of vice president while Lenny Nkhuwa and Lee Kawanu will re-contest the positions of committee member.



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