SIMOSON Building business community is seeking audience with the Inspector General of police to help remove the call-boys who have turned the area into a centre of criminal activities, according to Simon Mwewa Lane spokesperson Chitambala Mwewa.

Mr Mwewa said the call-boys have continued to harass and attack innocent people in the area.

He said the call boys daily issued threats to the business people and innocent citizens who passed through the area.

“It is for this reason that we are appealing to a police chief to intervene as the situation is getting out of control.

“Simoson and Lusaka City Council agreed to settle the matter out of court and on 13th October 2015 a consent order was issued by the High Court instructing LCC to give us a three-year lease and that we should pay council K6, 000 per month as rentals for that piece of land, but the call-boys are still occupying that piece of land and have continued to issue threats,” he said.

Mr Mwewa said the Simon Mwewa ane, Simoson area had been turned into bus station which has attracted criminality and day light robberies.

He said motorists were charged K5 for parking, alleging that those who resisted were threatened and harassed and sometimes windscreens of their vehicles  were smashed for not complying.

The business community was using the piece of land between Simon Mwewa Lane and Lumumba Road as a parking area for its customers.

Mr Mwewa said suspected criminals were occupying the piece of land directly in front of Simoson Building and charging people money for parking their cars and buses illegally.

He said the matter was reported to the Central police but nothing had been done, adding that police should treat the matter as urgent because it involved human lives.

“People are living in fear at Simoson, and we are threatened every single day by these thugs who claim the car park is their source of income, even if it legally belongs to us as per High Court order,” he explained.

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