THE presence of both dead and live animals on the roads in Lusaka has been identified as a major cause of road accidents by traffic authorities

Motorists in Lusaka have expressed concern over the non-removal of dead animals from roads in compounds.

They lamented that this posed health hazards to both motorists and the general public.

Some motorists who spoke to the Daily Nation complained that the Lusaka City Council (LCC) seemed to be neglecting their duty of removing dead animals that had been run over by vehicles especially in townships.

Mr Moses Phiri, a mini-bus driver of John Laing, said dead animals on the roads, especially dogs and cats, posed great danger to motorists.

“A motorist can be involved in a head-on collision while trying to avoid dead animals, mostly hit at night; I think those responsible for removing the dead animals should carry out checks every morning,” Mr. Phiri said.

Another motorist, Mr Kennedy Mubanga of Mtendere noted that dead animals that were left to rot on the roads also posed health risks to pedestrians and residents in the surrounding areas.

“You will find that areas near dead animals are impassable due to the odour emitted by the rotting carcases. Kids are also at risk of getting diseases such as rabies when they play near the dead dogs,” he said.

LCC public relations manager Mulunda Habeenzu laid the blame of the non-removal of dead animals from roads on residents who did not report the cases to the council.

Mr. Habeenzu agreed that it was the responsibility of the local authority to remove dead animals from the roads.

“The council has a mandate to remove dead animals from the roads and what residents need to do is report to us when they find animal carcasses. Sometimes people do not report and these dogs end up rotting on roads,” Mr. Habeenzu said.

He warned residents not to dump dead animals at illegal dump sites as that posed serious health implications to the community.

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