THE continued sale of expired products by various Lusaka shops including big chain value supermarkets around town is worrying resident.

The residents said that they were worried for their health because of the dangers that went with consuming expired food products.

Ms Georgina Kanswe, a concerned consume,r said it was wrong for traders to care more about the money they get from their shops than the health of buyers.

Ms. Kanswe said that some shops were in the bad habit of selling expired products knowingly and with no regards whatsoever for the consumers.

She said some butcheries sold bad meat and fish even when they were well aware that the food had gone bad and should be thrown away.

‘’It is very sad that people will be so inconsiderate of others as to sell them expired foods and not think of what can happen to the consumers because they are more concerned about making money than the health of their fellow citizens,

“The rotten fish and meat they sell is dangerous to the health of the people buying them and it is a pity that the sellers do not consider the good health of other people’’, said Ms Kanswe.

Ms. Kanswe said that it was unfortunate that there were people who are more worried about making money than the health of other people. Mr Ernest Mbewe another concerned person said that shops that were selling fake or expired products should not be spared but should be dealt by the law.

Mr. Mbewe said that there were some shops that sold expired bathing soaps and body lotions without realizing that they could harm the users.

Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) head marketing  and public relations Hazel Zulu has warned that all products that were suspected to be fake or expired should be taken to her organisation for verification.

Ms. Zulu aid that ZABS was committed to ensuring that the Zambian people got the best quality products and value for their money.

‘’We are urging all the Zambians to bring products they suspect to be fake or expired to our offices so that we are able to work on them’’, she said.-Millennium Radio 90.5FM

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