30-Year Jail Term For Unlicenced Driver Welcome

Members of the public have welcomed the jailing for 30 years of an unlicenced driver who caused the death of innocent Zambians in Chingola recently.

Lusaka residents said a lot of motorists did not have drivers’ licences especially among mini bus crews. Many residents talked to said it was high time that the culprits paid for their actions and learn that driving a motor vehicle involved many things.

Ms Mutinta Michelo said the news of a driver sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for hitting and killing 3 people would teach other drivers not to mess around with the lives of others.

Ms Michelo said that most mini bus and taxi drivers did not respect the lives of the people they were ferrying and were only interested in making money.

‘’Thirty years is okay because these careless drivers who never think of getting a driver’s license do not only endanger themselves but they also put the lives of other people in danger”, said Ms Michelo.

Ms Michelo also explained that drivers especially those that have been charged with the responsibility of carrying people should know that the lives of the people were in their hands.

Mr Kasuba Mwamba welcomed the 30-year jail term and said the law enforcers had done a great job and should even introduce more stiffer punishment for motorists who disregarded traffic rules and regulations on the roads .

Mr. Mwamba said that the motorists should understand that life was precious and should not be played with no matter the circumstances.

He said that motorists should not think that they owned roads in Zambia and could do whatever they wanted and still go scot free.

Zambia Road Safety Trust (ZRST) communications manager Miles Mwale said that ZRST was in full support of the 30 years imprisonment because it would help reduce the number of road accidents.

Mr. Mwale said that stiffening the punishment for unlicensed drivers would help them understand the importance of owning a driver’s licence.

‘’It is a commendable move and we are in total support of it and we hope all other motorists will learn from the mistakes of their friend and start doing the right things while they are on the roads’’, said Mr. Mwale.-Millennium Radio 90.5FM

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