Sort out traitors, PF told


THE writing is on the wall that there are lots of traitors in Government whom the PF should weed out if they are to avoid more problems because treating them the way they dealt with Matero member of Parliament Miles Sampa will create more problems for them, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) has warned.

ZRP president Wright Musoma told the Daily Nation that there were a number of people within Government who were waiting for the right time to discredit the PF. He said the ruling party should be on the lookout for such individuals who were bent on tarnishing its image by flushing them out before it was too late.

Mr. Musoma said PF was full of pretenders who were only clinging to their positions for personal benefits yet they never had the interest of the party that ushered them into office at heart, adding that the PF should expect a lot of surprises soon after the dissolution of Parliament.

He said there were a lot of PF members who were scheming to rebel against the party because they were not given the chance to attain their selfish ambitions.

“The PF tolerated Miles Sampa too much and that is how they are paying now for not caging him at the time he became unruly and this may be the same mistake the party will make on some senior Government officials who have set their eyes elsewhere and will do everything to bring down the party as we draw closer to the polls, especially after the dissolution of Parliament.

“To think that Mr. Sampa has gone alone is comforting oneself because he has some people within Government who do not only sympathise with him but were also architects of the breakaway party and waiting until they ditch the party will be disastrous.

‘‘The best is to weed them out right now so that they have no more influence on the PF. These are bad eggs which may cost the PF victory if treated with kid gloves,” Mr. Musoma said.

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