THE speed at which leader of the Forum for Democracy and Development Edith Nawakwi is making false statements to garner some political support does not only portray her as desperate politician  but also demonstrates to what low levels she can go to gain some public recognition.

If madam Nawakwi was not as educated as we know her, having gone up to university and having acquired other qualifications, we could have accused her of being an ignorant politician, but having associated with her, only brings out in her a character with dangerous motives.

Madam Nawakwi held a senior position as a civil servant in the Ministry of Energy in the 1990 before she joined political activism under the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD).

When the MMD was transformed into a political party, she was one of the people who became active political cadres who landed a ministerial job in the Fredrick Chiluba administration after the 1991 multi-party general election.

She cannot deny that she was once Minister of Energy, Agriculture and later Minister of Finance.

Even when the MMD administration was amending some of the clauses in the Constitution in 1996, Madam Nawakwi was very much alive and we believe she understands Constitution making processes.

Now, we are getting worried that such a veteran politicians in her own right can elect to be telling the opposite of the truth in her quest to become the seventh President of Zambia.

Only last week, Madam Nawakwi told Zambians that Deputy Ministers were occupying offices illegally after President Edgar Lungu assented to the Constitution amendment bill of 2016 because they were not provided for.

Really, Madam Nawakwi? Which country in the world does not provide for carry over legislation to ensure continuity?

What the FDD deliberately did not want to inform the public is that President Lungu assented to the Constitution Amendment Bill and the Constitution of Zambia Bill.

While the Constitution Amendment Bill dealt with the amendment of clauses, the Constitution of Zambia Bill related to continuity of Zambia being a sovereign State and the carryover of constitutional offices which include deputy ministers.

Madam Nawakwi did not end there. Last week she made news about an alleged corrupt Fire tender procurement process.

While withholding the names of some of the bidders and their bidding prices, Madam Nawakwi named Grand View International as the highest bidder art US$ 42 million when the facts on the ground are that Albion Export Services’ bidding price was US$49 million.

And only yesterday, Madam Nawakwi was on top of the mountain proclaiming that President Edgar Lungu will be the first head of State to move straight from State House to prison.

What is Madam Nawakwi telling us? That if she ever took over power Zambia will be turned into a dictatorship where citizens will be thrown into jail without the right to be heard?

For the information of our FDD leader, there is no such a thing as a former President in Zambia going straight to prison from State House even if the former head of State was suspected of committing heinous crimes.

Madam Nawakwi should read and understand Article 98 of the amended Constitution which states that an accused former head of State should be heard if the sitting manages to remove his predecessor’s immunity.

It is from this background that we find Madam Nawakwi lying about our Constitution and its provisions, all to win some political mileage as a brave politician, all for wrong intellectual reasoning.


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