EDITH Nawakwi has been blasted for deliberately misinforming Zambians over the procurement of fire tenders by accusing President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) of having settled for the most expensive bidder.

The Zambia Youths Association in the Fight Against Corruption (ZYAFAC) has charged that Ms Nawakwi, who is Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president, had embarked on a campaign to politically scandalize President Lungu and the PF by propagating falsehoods on the fight against corruption.

ZYAFAC executive director Rickson Kanema has challenged Ms Nawakwi to state the truth about which of the 16 companies that bid for the procurement of the Fire Tenders had the most expensive bid.

Mr Kanema said it was not true that Grand View International was the most expensive bidder and that Ms Nawakwi had deliberately omitted Albion Export Services whose bid was US$49 million which was the most expensive.

He said in a statement yesterday that Ms Nawakwi deliberately deceived Zambians by claiming that Grand View International whose bid stood at US$42 million was the most expensive when the truth was that Albion Export Services was the most expensive at US$49 million.

Mr Kanema said investigations by his organization had revealed that Ms Nawakwi had knowingly omitted Albion Export Services which was the most expensive from the list of 16 companies that participated in the tender for the procurement of fire tenders.

Ms Nawakwi recently said President Lungu was going to be the first Head of State to walk straight from State House to jail but according to the amended Constitution, a former president would have to lose his immunity from prosecution and be given a chance to be heard before getting arrested.

Mr Kanema said according to investigations, Albion Export Services was the most expensive bidder at the cost of US$49 million as compared to Grand View International but that Ms Nawakwi during her press conference knowingly omitted the most expensive bidder with the aim of discrediting the PF Government.

Mr Kanema said after Albion Export Services lost the bid, the company deliberately went on a campaign to discredit the procurement process and complained to the Zambia Public Procurement Agency (ZPPA) but was


dismissed because their complaint lacked merit.

“ZYAFAC is dismayed with the attempt by Ms Nawakwi to deliberately misinform Zambians that the PF Government has settled for the most expensive bidder in the procurement of Fire Tenders. Ms Nawakwi is also purporting that the bids were ranging from US6 million to US$42 million when the truth is that the highest bidder in the tendering process was Albion Export Services whose bid was costing US$49 million. Ms Nawakwi deliberately omitted Albion Export Services which was the most expensive bidder during her press conference to find a reason to attack the PF Government and President Lungu. ZYAFAC has studied fully the entire  procurement process and sees that it was done in a transparent and accountable manner,” Mr Kanema said.

Mr Kanema said ZYAFAC was wondering why Ms Nawakwi chose to willfully mislead the nation on national matters, stating that it was wrong for political leaders to ride on untruth to gain political mileage.

He said ZYAFAC had decided to obtain Ms Nawakwi’s statement and all the tender documents and discovered that Ms Nawakwi had only listed 15 companies from the 16 because her purpose was to scanadalise the PF Government in her attempt to win political mileage.

“We wish to seriously advise Ms Nawakwi and the general public to desist from engaging in schemes to deliberately mislead citizens on the fight against corruption,” Mr Kanema said.

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