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Miles Sampa has no supporters on the Copperbelt


After staying on the Copperbelt for 48 years I can safely say that I know the thinking of CB dwellers and I won’t hesitate to let Mr Miles Sampa know that those he think are his members in the real sense they are not. It’s ‘sangwapo natulye bonse’ that they are using. On the other side of the coin I can smell the end of Mr Wynter Kabimba with his Rainbow Party.

Micky Lusaka.



Katuba constituency



The PF government has neglected Katuba constituency completely. There are no good roads. Mungule road is in a bad state, no e-vouchers for farmers (only a few farmers have collected theirs); no enough staff in clinics.

Worried farmers.


Vote wisely on August 11


Mine is an advice to fellow Zambians especially the youths in colleges and universities to vote wisely. I do not vote for power- hungry people or family political parties. Say ‘no’ to recycled politicians or political prostitutes because they never change. Do not vote for job seekers. Vote for a leader who is able to transform Zambia both economically as well as structural development for a smart Zambia; a person with a strong character, a focused team player. Remember you are your own boss on August 11. Vote wisely.

Kay Kasanda, Lusaka.


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