Lstening to the submission of PS  Chishimba Nkosha and his staff shocked me.

One wonders how civil servants can go to a committee of law makers with a pack of lies.

There is need for serious investigations in this book purchase before this country is plunged into uneducated citizens of the future because of the selfishness of a few pupils.

I feel sorry for the Minister of Education who is an academician and during his school days if there were such selfish people he would not be a doctor today.

From the group that went to parliament we appeal to the Chairperson and his group to have an independent group of people to go and unearth the scam.

The unfortunate part is that since this issue was reported nothing was done therefore a lot of information is doctored now.

The evaluation department needs to disclose how many books they have evaluated by publisher and produce the approved book list.

CDC did not evaluate the books that the procurement specialist procured. CDC staff can confirm this.

There is only one mandate of approving books by CDC which was taken over by procurement specialist.

The percentages for books to be approved have been dropped and unverified books bought? Why?

Evaluation fees were not paid to CDC for the tender books yet the tender document had a clause that the books should have been approved by CDC and paid for.

These are straight forward issues which no one should try to dribble through formulas.

The law needs to come in expeditiously in this tender matter since there is a cartel for whatever reason they want to complicate straight forward issues.

An example is that the law stipulates that an appeal should be handled within 10 days but how long did ZPPA take to reply. The responses even show the collusion.

How do you answer to a letter of March last year in 2016 not even related to the appeal and fail to attend to the appeal.

The suggestion by the brain of the scum that the Zambian Publishers should join the multinationals and be an appendage is an insult to the Zambian people.

Zambia is an independent country that should build its own industries and grow Zambian businesses to the highest level. Zambian hard-earned money should help the country come out of poverty and change lives of people.

He went further to say one publisher has just got five titles. Yes why? Because the evaluation staff who are writing for the foreign publishers have sat on the books for the local publishers.

The little of a 24-page Tonga book took 2 years to be approved.  To date the chief curriculum specialist has failed to get reports for all books submitted. The list of approved books has been hidden to date.

The involved staff in the evaluation department needs to be moved out so that a new crop of professionals are brought in. They are partisan and part of the scam.

If indeed Anti-corruption are still investigating they need to get to the bottom of the evaluation process.

How can a group of professionals go to parliament to lie even if they had immunity form the house?

The truth need to be established. The books that have been bought and formula the procurement specialist had the audacity to even tell members of parliament that the formulary is complicated they won’t understand it and that even the Ministry does not understand  is indeed true.it suits only him and he knows why.

Being a procurement specialist does not give one the right to destroy led down straight forward procedures.

As Zambians we will not go and be appendages of foreign Publishers. There is need for the law to come in and unearth the scam.

Book Industry is not as any industry or buying of desk as alluded to.

The ignorance shown even when explaining about frame work contracts that books are more expensive than tenders. The comparison is not correct as it has a volume issue.

This is the main reason Longman failed to supply books as they based their price on tender quantizes for open market sales.

The money spent on warehousing, transport, allowances will add to a higher price above the framework contract price.

Killing the book industry in Zambia is not the way to go. Having even the plan to continue the same way is impunity of the highest level but we understand commissions are sweet but sour.

The Law makers have had enough submissions all saying the same thing. Are the Ministry staff Gods to be the only one who think differently.

They even say let them continue to go to court their little money will finish. Yes we might have little money but our role is to serve the Zambian child to get what the child deserves and the teacher must be part of it.

The money Government spends is tax payer’s money which should grow Zambia not foreigners who are the favorites.

Concerned publisher

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