Of course the booing Daniel Munkombwe is talking about and of which he ought to be ashamed is from his region which has vindicated those who have branded it tribal.

It did not come much as a shock. It was almost expected for obvious reasons and where it was coming from.

And it seems Mr Munkombwe is simply confirming this assertion that in fact President Lungu will not get any votes from that region no matter what. It did happen before. For me I have accepted the wretched situation. Southern Province, to me, I think has almost made up its mind that it will only support one of its own. Period.

And after having said so, I wish to appeal to those who are wasting their precious time predicting the end of President Lungu’s reign even before the voting has not taken place.

You may insult President Lungu but it is not over until it is over. President Lungu will stun many of you who think his end has come. He may have the last laugh after all.

Boyd Chipelu,


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