NEWLY-launched Democratic Front (DF) party president Miles Sampa has been given a 24-hour ultimatum to change the name of his party because it has allegedly been stolen from another opposition party with the same name.

David Chanda, interim president of DF, has issued a 24-hour ultimatum to Mr Sampa, barely a day after the Matero member of Parliament (MP) launched the party and claimed to be its leader on Saturday night in Riverside residential area in Kitwe.

Mr Chanda said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that he was the president of the Democratic Front which was launched last year in October and has demanded that Mr Sampa should with immediate effect stop using the name Democratic Front because the political party has allegedly been stolen.

Mr Chanda has threatened to report Mr Sampa to police for allegedly stealing the DF from him (Chanda) which he said was originally registered as the Genuine People’s Platform by the Registrar of Societies.

“The Democratic Front is my political party and was registered in July, 2014 and I am still the interim president. We have given Mr Sampa 24 hours to change the name of his newly launched party from Democratic Front to something else because that is the name of our party. If he does not change the name of his party, then we will take the matter to police.

“Our party was initially called Genuine People’s Platform, but we changed the name to Democratic Front just in December 2014. It is shocking that Mr Sampa has Lunched the DF as his political party when the real owners are still there.

‘‘The behaviour of Mr Sampa who is a former deputy minister is like that of an imposter and he is impersonating that he is the president of Democratic Front when he is not,” Mr Chanda said.

He said if Mr Sampa wanted to join the Democratic Front he should have followed the right procedure instead of trying to hijack the party he did not play any part in its formation.

Mr Chanda said he called the Registrar of Societies to find out if it was allowed for two political parties to use the same name but was informed that it was not in order and could not be allowed.

“The Registrar of Societies has told us that two political parties cannot share one name and Mr Sampa should therefore find a different name for his party. Mr Sampa should stay away from our party or he risks being arrested for stealing a political party,” Mr Chanda said. According to documentation obtained by the Daily Nation, the Democratic Front was initially registered as the Genuine People’s Platform with Mr Chanda as its interim president.

A Mr Harold Chandalala was appointed as the vice-chairperson of the party; Mr Edwick Nyendwa was secretary while Dorothy Nyirenda was the vice-secretary.

Meanwhile, two members of the newly-launched Democratic Front (DF) have officially lodged complaints with police on the Copperbelt that they were attacked on Saturday by suspected PF cadres as they awaited Mr Sampa’s arrival at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport. Copperbelt Province police commissioner Charity Katanga yesterday confirmed to the Daily Nation that Edwin Mulenga, 38, of house no. 22320 Mulenga compound in Kitwe and John Kanko of house no. 2426 of the same compound have officially complained to the police of being roughed up

Ms. Katanga said Mr. Mulenga suffered a swollen face with a bleeding nose while Mr. Kanko complained of pains on the upper right rib, adding that the police have instituted investigations in what had transpired at the airport in order to corner the culprits.

She said the duo was part of the scores of Mr. Sampa’s sympathisers who were waiting for him at the airport when suspected PF cadres attacked them.

“We now have two official complaints from the people who were allegedly attacked by some people at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport on Saturday who alleged that they were attacked as they were waiting for Mr. Sampa to arrive in Ndola.

“The two are Edwin Mulenga, 38, of Mulenga compound in Kitwe and John Kanko of the same compound. Mr. Mulenga sustained a swollen face and a bleeding nose while Mr. Kanko sustained pains on the right upper rib and we have already instituted investigations into what happened,” Ms. Katanga said.


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