Miles Sampa must put his act together and take responsibility for very untoward consequences of his erratic conduct and demeanor.

At the weekend, in pursuit of launching his party, Miles put the lives of many innocent Zambians at risk and peril by the uncalled for drama that was neither substantiated in fact nor cogent in application.

Nobody launches a party in the confused and haphazard manner he did.

Clearly the Democratic Front was a party he had intended to hijack, or take over in the hope that the sponsors would peacefully and without any rancor hand over.

It is not difficult to imagine what inducement could have been provided to facilitate this transition.  Suddenly and perhaps for the good of the nation this transaction has not succeeded, thereby exposing the fraud for what it truly was.

This attempt to launch a new party to restore the alleged vision of President Michael Sata is a misrepresentation of fact because no heir apparent, chosen on the basis of consanguinity, was ever appointed by the late president.

We were the first ones to condemn the late president for creating a “family jungle” in public service by his penchant to reward relatives, friends and other job seekers with positions they hardly fitted and yet the political party he led was truly multi ethnic in every sense of the word.

Even those who surrounded him were not particularly close to him ethnically and towards the end he proved this point by ordaining Edgar Lungu as his successor.

There is no doubt that he must have courted the possibility of his mortality hence the drastic changes he made towards the very end to remove those he considered inimical to the interests of the nation by embracing and giving support to Edgar Lungu as his heir apparent.

That is why this new campaign, ostensibly launched by those party founders, injured by the introduction of new members especially those from MMD, is at best myopic and at worst an exercise in total futility because PF received massive support from outside its membership in order to remain in power in 2015 when a presidential election was held.

It is a folly and great deception to suggest that PF on its own without the support of other non-members would have carried the day.

This is an era of alliances and the sooner this is recognized the better because it will make for peaceful, harmonious and trouble- free elections this coming August.

The 50 plus one clause far from being a disabling provision might just serve to bring this country together when disparate groups seeking a common cause agenda could come together in an alliance that would win elections.

This country requires leadership that is validated and legitimized by the majority of the Zambian people and the only way this can be achieved is by effective working alliances that will transcend regional, tribal, social, religious or indeed political divide to articulate a common future for Zambia.

We have far too many challenges in the economic, political and social fields to let minor differences divide us as a nation, when together we can establish a synergy that propels this country beyond its immediate challenges into a future of promise, prosperity and indeed peace and tranquility.

Nothing is beyond us if we care to work together.

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