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Dear Editor

That Miles Sampa, the former Matero PF Member of Parliament, has resigned from the ruling party is no surprise to me.

This man ceased to be a PF member just when he resigned as deputy minister to “organise” his party.

In fact he was not organising the PF but his own political party.

While I appreciate that he outclassed the likes of Chishimba and GBM at a convention organised to sideline Edgar Lungu, I doubt if he has the stamina to withstand the pressure from seasoned losers like HH, and Nawakwi, as well as upcoming Peter Sinkamba among others.

He may claim to have a following in Matero, but the “hole is always bigger than any of its parts”.

Let Sampa take a leaf from Patrick Mucheleka who stood against all odds to beat both the PF and UPND in the 2011 elections but did he repeat the same feat three years down the line?

Even in Matero he doesn’t have a 100 percent support because the people of Barlastone feel left out in his development projects.

Sampa should have asked himself why Sata (MHSRIP) did not appoint him as full Cabinet minister and likewise Edgar brought  Mwanakatwe to be his minister.

This simply shows that he lacks qualities of a leader for a higher position.

Nonetheless I can only wish him good luck as he move to the ring where hate speech and insults are the order of the day.




Sata did not trust Miles Sampa


I am hereby challenging Miles Sampa that since he became a PF central committee Member and MP for Matero  constituency, the late President Michael Sata  never trusted him. How?  Sata never appointed Sampa full Cabinet minister but only deputy. Sata knew that Sampa is of two hearts; remember what happened when he was appointed minister for Southern Province? He annoyed chiefs there and later on he was transferred.

It was Sata who apologized on his behalf. Sampa should learn from Mulenga Sata. This one can be a good president and not Miles Sampa

Lusaka Youth


ZICTA is a toothless dog


The solution to the issue concerning ZICTA and the three mobile providers lies in concluding the pending deal with Vadacom and I know having Hon Chishimba Kambwili at Information things will work out. By the way Hon CK, you said you are a not a failure, you finish what you start. Zone 6 games were a true testimony. For now, the sanity in the telecom sector lies with you. Please save us from poor service at great cost. The way things are is as if these companies do us a favour. We deserve best for our money. ZICTA is a toothless dog

Abel , Kabwe


 Looming hunger worrying


The looming hunger in Zambia is worrisome.  Government should start making arrangements on the importation of the staple food now.  It is indeed worrying looking at the weather conditions the country is experiencing particularly along the maize belt region covering Southern, Lusaka and parts of Central provinces

Concerned farmer


Church involved in tribalism


The tribalism we are currently experiencing is not the type tribalism we saw in the 1960s and 1970s where tribes fought for superiority. During that time very few people had gone to school, so tribe was used by many illiterate individuals to find jobs or even to be heard. Now that many people have gone to school, Zambians have learnt that we all have grey matter. So the tribalism we are seeing is mostly based on jealousy and hatred. Even church leaders are in it. It’s so shameful.

Mukuka Chilufya Chambishi


Recall Chris Katongo to the senior squad


May I take this opportunity to congratulate the Chipolopolo Boys for the splendid performance at the ongoing CHAN tournament? I singularly praise the 2012 BBC African footballer of the year Chris Katongo for his inspirational and determined effort he has shown so far. The man deserves a place in the national senior soccer team. He still has energy and strength to bring to the pitch.  I also commend George ‘Kokoliko’ Lwandamina for recalling  Isaac Chansa into the squad. All the best guys!

Soccer fan


 Sampa a force to reckon with


I wish to inform Hon Miles Bwalya Sampa that now that he has formed his own political party we shall vote for him in this year’s general elections. I am a graduate and 10 years have passed without employment. This is your time, Mr. Sampa, to show them who you are.

Phillip Kabamba



The Great Lakes Region burning


The Great Lakes Region of Burundi and Rwanda is haunting Africa with the potential to erupt into genocide again. The region is failing to develop as demonstrated by selfish tendencies of their leaders. They have failed to create viable and workable political systems for their countries beyond themselves. A president does not necessarily have to be unpopular to retire and give way to a successor. It is a fundamental rule: One must leave, good or popular. One must go. These two must hand over power to eligible successors and see the system work beyond their lives like Julius Nyerere and Nelson Mandela did.

Alfred A.K. Ndhlovu

Former Deputy Minister, Communication and Transport


Why should cadres run markets?


I would like to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing  Stephen Kapyongo to explain to the nation why the  Patriotic Front cadres have offices in markets and bus stations and collect levies from marketeers and bus operators which are  supposed to be run by the councils without  interference?

Limpo Situmbeko

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