Whoever said that Easterners and Bembas were tribalists must be very dull.

Look at the results of the 2015 Presidential elections and you will see who votes by tribe.

In Sinda, Eastern Province, HH beat Edgar Lungu by the following votes 3142 opposed to 2509.

Easterners in general gave HH33, 882 compared to 88,408 for Lungu.

Compare this to Southern Province where not a single constituency voted for Lungu and indeed 272,182 voted for HH while Lungu only received 20,937.

Other examples in Kalomo HH got 35,550 while Lungu got 2,267.  In Choma HH got 35,550 while Lungu got 2,267. In Kalomo HH got 32,142 while Lungu got 745.

In contrast in the Eastern Province, in Chadiza Lungu got 2,927 while HH got 2391. In Katete  Lungu got 7492 while HH got 3,756.

In Northern Province the picture is very much the same. Northerners gave HH 21,000 votes compared to Lungu’s 94,000

Certainly these are not the results that would qualify Nyanja’s being tribalists. It is for this reason that the regional block voting synonymous with Southern Province has come under the microscope.

We know that politicians are responsible for this situation because ordinary Zambians will mingle very freely and intermarry.


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