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Good move, Miles


Sampa did a great thing to resign, because he saw that it didn’t make sense to be in a party where people talk anyhow. PF is not going anywhere; even if this lady called Mumbi says that it is the end of his political career, does it mean you have to be PF to have a political career? I guess not. This lady talks nonsense. With Sampa’s resignation PF will shake.

B-man, Kabwe.


 Tired of new political parties


As Zambians, we are tired of useless things gaining numbers. We have the issue of fake prophets on the increase. Now we have new political parties on the rise. I think it’s too much of political parties in Zambia. Instead of forming another party why don’t you just share your so-called good ideas with already existing ones? Or even better, share them with the already ruling party. You can’t tell me that from the ruling to the opposition parties, all of them are useless for your ideas. Be reasonable and think twice before forming a party.

Troy Mukupa.


Worst tribalists?


I would like to concur with the writer of the  article of 21/01/2016  in the  Daily Nation entitled ‘Bembas and Nyanjas the worst tribalists’. Yes, it’s true the writer hit the nail on the head. These people are the worst tribalists to have ever inhabited Zambia. No wonder they were  chased from the Kola and Zulu kingdoms respectively. Zambia is what it is today because of these tribes. I am married to a Nyanja. She is the only one who is not a tribalist.  

IZ, Lusaka.



Sampa’s hidden agenda


When Sampa was told to concentrate on his constituency, he knew that now his hidden agenda has been blocked, hence his resignation. But what amazes me are reasons he has given contrary to those he gave when he resigned as deputy minister. One thing Sampa should know is that in politics we don’t fight people but policies. When PF was in opposition they were not fighting individuals but MMD policies. In the Post of Friday 22 January he says that the people from MMD which PF were fighting have regrouped. UPND is not fighting people in PF but their policies. Let all those PF central committee members working with Sampa resign. They should not grow cold fit. Viva E. Lungu. Let love rule over evil.

C.P. Lusaka.


 Balanced coverage


I just want to congratulate you Daily Nation for your outstanding, fair and balanced coverage of news, be it the ruling party or opposition. They all get a fair share of the pie (coverage). It’s my hope and prayer that other media houses will get a leaf from you. Keep it up.





The dilemma of PF


If power outages, the fuel crisis coupled with forbidding commodity prices continue, the PF might be de-campaigned indirectly. People have been talking in low voices. This year’s elections are highly unpredictable. People are fed up of excuses while they get salaries that are no better than a mockery. While it is common knowledge that power (electricity) is the driving force of the modern computer-based jobs, some institutions pay a deaf ear to complaints and a blind eye to apparent frustrations among many Zambians. Deforestation due to charcoal burning and many protests due to lack of energy have been insidiously pushing their roots to irreversible levels. Soon some will be protesting that they earn their living from burning charcoal and a host of uncontrolled environmentally hostile practices. Now we have no rain and can’t afford to lose more trees.

Concerned Zambian.




Cleanse yourself first


The late Nkumbula, Mazoka and HH are all Southerners. Can KMM be honest and tell us why no Luvale or Lozi has not been at the helm of the parties led by the three. And please no one has accused the Lozis and Luvales of being tribalists. Cleanse yourselves without involving other people.

PMS, Kitwe


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