The level of desperation being exhibited by people who long for the control of State power is not only dangerous for Zambians but also demonstrates the highest levels of disloyalty to one’s country.

What is the motive behind some individuals’ decision to fabricate a story on the relationship between Zambia and the International Monetary Fund concerning a discussion between the Bank of Zambia, Government and Civil Society Organisations?

According to the fabrication, the IMF gave Government certain pre-conditions to fulfil before the Brentwood Institution could offer any financial assistance to Zambia.

The fabrication further said because of financial indiscipline on the part of the Zambian Government, any engagement for a financial package would only be feasible after the August 11 Presidential and general election.

But a senior IMF official has come out in the open, denying any of the words attributed to him.

The IMF deputy director in the African department David Owen has denied ever making the comments.

He has explained that his main interest during the discussion with the Civil Society Organisations was to hear their views on the issues facig the country and that the discussion was centred on how best to address the economic challenges that Zambia was facing.

The IMF official has set the record straight but we wonder whether the fabricators of Mr Owen’s sentiments will be as courageous and admit to have deliberately misled the nation.

This is because this is not the first time that high profiled members of international organisations are being misquoted but without a retraction rendered.

There are so many high profile Zambians who have denied accusation of trying to destroy the political and economic stability of the country who have never been offered a chance to correct the mispresentation.

This is because there are people among us who have become desperate for the control of State power and have perfected their art of lying to the public so that they are duped into participating in regime change efforts based on falsehoods.

It is clear that they have lost the privileged position they once held and from which they could manipulate systems and governance institutions to further their business aims.  The will stop at nothing to ensure regime change, which might usher in a more user friendly government that they can once again hold to ransom.

It is true that lies have very short legs, and the authors of the “statement” should have known that putting words into the mouth of an IMF official would obviously attract swift and categorical correction.

If Zambia’s economic problems are as bad as some fabricators would want citizens to believe, then no political party which wins the August 11 will provide quick fix solutions.

The desperate moves being employed to paint the economy ‘dead’ and the messiah tactics if regime change is achieved may back fire of not handled properly.


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