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How can a son and a father be treated the same? Let me remind Mr. HH , a son  is a son and a father is a father. It’s more like Examination Council of Zambia wanting to treat pupils and teachers the same. Is this what Mr. HH is trying to say.

Joseph Phiri


Grade 12 requirement just okay


The Grade 12 certificate threshold for those aspiring to leadership is fair: Those well learned people who complain that it is unfair for parliamentarians and councilors to have G12 certificate worry me. Is it possible that they got their degrees without obtaining a G12 certificate first? MPs play active roles which need education; the same with councilors. Someone to be admitted to college or university a G12  certificate is  needed even for one to be a police officer.


Police officers who beat their wives let free


Why is it that Police officers practice GBV on their wives and are protected because of status?




Let’s diversify our economy


The government should explore and invest in other sectors of the economy such as agriculture, tourism to mention but a few to cushion Zambia’s economic downturn. The country is grappling with economic challenges such as depreciation of the Kwacha, currently trading above k10, high inflation rate closing 2015 at 21.1 percent and high cost of living. Lack of diversifying the  economy by the previous regime and the sole dependence on copper can be  cited as the main cause of poor state of the economy. The conducive investment environment can also be panacea of the poor economy.

E. Phiri


Bembas, Nyanjas not tribalists


In response to the text message in your paper, Bembas, Nyanjas marked as tribalists is not correct. Our leaders have always embraced everyone in government positions. It doesn’t matter if some opposition leaders from other tribes have not tasted the cake at State House. God chooses leaders at a time of his choice. No two Adams,  no two Abrahams, no two Moses and no two Jesus. Each has his/her position number. If he is  No. 10, he can’t come to number 1. Kwaliba kokupona pa buntungulushi. Opposition, wait, your turn will come at right time. One Zambia one nation. Read Romans 13:1- 10.

CWC, Lusaka

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