PF: Miles zwaaa, good riddance

THE resignation of Miles Sampa from the Patriotic Front is long overdue as he already showed unwillingness to work with the ruling party after he left his position in the Government, says Matero constituency chairman Crispin Kambole.

And Mr Kabole says all those purported to have resigned together with Mr Sampa were frustrated members who refused to accept the democratic process that elected new leadership after losing elections in the constituency.

Mr Kambole said Mr Sampa continued to expose his frustrations from the time he was not considered for full ministerial job when he resigned from his position as commerce deputy minister.

Mr. Sampa, he said, should understand that there is no room for  personal to holder personality cults in a mass party where loyalty  should be to the leadership and the principles and policies enunciated by the party.

He said the Constituency executive was not surprised with the resignation because Mr Sampa already showed he could not work with President Edgar Lungu and the PF.

“No wonder we (Matero PF) petitioned for his resignation as he was just bringing confusion in the party, and we are happy that he has left us in one piece to focus on development for the people and the forthcoming general elections to bring back President Lungu,” he said.

Mr Sampa officially resigned from the party yesterday claiming his decision came about as a result of the intolerance, hate, vengeance and violent conduct towards those who supported him at the Kabwe convention in 2014.

“As a firm believer of peace and democracy, I feel a number of people were not and have not been accorded the right to express themselves freely and that in itself has created disharmony from within,” read part of Mr Sampa’s letter dated 21 January 2016,

“I wouldx like to inform the general public of my decision to resign from the Patriotic Front effective 21st January 2016. My decision came about as a result of the intolerance, hate, vengeance and violent conduct towards party members; including those who supported me at the Kabwe convention in 2014,” Mr Sampa said.

He said the current PF in looks and conduct reminded him of the MMD of 2011 that instilled fear in the general public.

“I choose to disassociate myself from such a grouping and wish them well,” Mr Sampa said.

He assured Matero residents that there would be no by-election in Matero as a result of his resignation as “the new constitution effectively implies that I will be with you to finish off all the pending projects and programmes until the general elections”.

And PF deputy spokesperson Mumbi Phiri says Mr Sampa can go and no one in the party will stand in his way.

Ms Phiri charged that the decision by Mr Sampa to resign had marked the end to his political career.

Ms Phiri said although the secretariat had not yet received his resignation letter, it was evident from his Facebook page that he had resigned from PF.

“As a secretariat we have not gotten correspondence from him but I tend to agree that it is true he has resigned because even when he resigned from his deputy position he posted it on his Facebook and that is where everybody learnt about it,” Ms Phiri said.

She said it was wrong for Mr Sampa to hold party members at ransom for being one of the founder members because his uncle, the founder of PF left him as a deputy minister and he knew that he was a graduate from the University of Zambia (UNZA).

“Miles is young, he had all the future in the Patriotic Front but to spoil it like that I can bet that this is the end of his political career. He has spoiled his political career. But we wish him well,” Ms Phiri said.

Ms Phiri said even the founder member of PF Michael Chilufya Sata (late) left him as a deputy minister because he understood him better.

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