Dear Editor,

I totally agree with Mr Andrew Kashita on his interpretations regarding the pitiable recital of our famed ZICTA.

It is an open secret that subscribers to mobile phone service providers has been miserable and full of whinges from discontented customers.

Strangely ZICTA has calculatingly decided to look elsewhere instead of attending to the numerous complaints. Subscribers have constantly complained about delays or non-existent of services from call    centres of service providers for some indefinite reasons. And because of such frustrations many people including business houses are left exasperated and in the long run business suffers due to lack of communication and information.

Like Mr Kashita has pointed out, it would appear that our ZICTA is not sure what role it should play in trying to stamp out the hitches the public faces during the use of particularly cell phones. Mr Kashita who was Transport minister in the MMD administration rightly told Parliamentary Committee on Communication, Transport, Works and Supply that ZICTA appears not to know its role in the communication world.

Maybe, the solution could lie in the introduction of a fourth service provider to intensify competition.

Soul Phiri

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