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Lungu will carry the day


President Lungu will win the August 11 presidential election because of the massive development projects that the Patriotic Front (PF) administration is implementing. He stands a good chance of winning this year’s tripartite elections because the on-going projects will encourage Zambians to massively vote for him. We have seen several development programmes and this is earning the President popularity.

Big Dee, Street vendors leader


Bembas, Nyanjas worst



Mr Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Mr Anderson Kambela  Mazoka and our only HH have never had any MPs since independence in Luapula, Northern, Eastern, many parts of Copperbelt and parts of Lusaka  Province dominated by Bembas and  Nyanjas. However Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Dr Chiluba, Mr Rupiah Banda, Mr Michael Sata and President Edgar Lungu have had MPs since independence in Southern, Western, North Western and parts of Central provinces dominated by Bantu Botatwe and  Lozis and Luvales yet Bembas and Nyanjas have shamelessly continued calling this grouping tribalist. Can someone judge the worst tribalists amongst these tribes.

KMM, Lusaka


 Why withhold Grade 9



It’s not fair to withhold Grade 9 results for pupils whose parents were not informed of misconduct done before exams were written. If one pupil scratched a wall by writing a name or year before he completed his Grade 9 surely it is not fair to withhold results. Now parents are being asked to buy a 5 litre gloss paint before results can be released. Strange indeed.

G,M of Kabwata, Lusaka.


Wake-up call for coach



Allow me space in your paper to say something about our soccer national coach Lwandamina on the game in Rwanda against Zimbabwe, and particularly on the issue of substitutes. It was like the coach was not watching or reading the game. How do you replace Chansa in midfield when the area was strong? Look out for Musekwa’s mistakes in defence in the next game.

Marvin, Lusaka


When should campaigns for 2016 start?


Why is it that the ruling party is not allowing others to campaign on the Copperbelt while they are free to move around the whole country? Is this what we call democracy?

Worried citizen – SC, Chadiza



New Constitution should

remain intact


Clauses in the new Constitution were put there by the majority Zambians. Hence President Lungu should not entertain selfish individuals advocating for removal of some clauses. They are simply not comfortable with the new Constitution. Otherwise President Lungu will set a very bad precedent if he allows alterations to the new Constitution. Constitutions are not tailored to please a few individuals in a country but the majority of citizens of that particular country.

Concerned citizen, Lusaka



Where are our MP’s and



Some two weeks ago, it was reported in the Times of Zambia that more than 70% of L-400 Lusaka Road works have been done. Indeed when you move around Lusaka suburbs and compounds most roads have been tarred. Unfortunately here at St. Bonaventure suburb nothing has been done. What are our MP and councillor doing about roads in our suburb?

Disappointed resident, Lusaka


 Please leave Kambwili alone


Tongas are crying for their identity and nothing can change that. But come August they will cry. And please leave Kambwili alone!

Concerned Zambian.

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