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PF no longer personal-to-holder institution

Those that still think that the Patriotic Front is a personal-to-holder party under President Edgar Lungu must think twice, it is now an institution with a well defined system.

What does that mean? It means that the ruling party will not depend on an individual for its survival.

It has a system of funding its activities, unlike the days when some seemly rich people started thinking that they can take over the running of the party just because they could bankroll its activities. I must commend the party chairman Dr Ngosa Symbyakula for his hard work especially that he had a busy schedule working on the Constitution on one hand and institutionalising the party on the other.

I also want to commend the party secretary general Mr Davies Chama for remaining resolute even after receiving harsh criticisms from those who think he is a hindrance to their quest of gabbing power from the PF.

Why should Zambians vote out the best President under the circumstances? What will those who will take over do for Zambians when we can all see the efforts President Lungu is putting in bettering the lives of Zambians?

He has done everything possible to share the national cake fairly. Those who have travelled around the country will agree with me that even rural areas have benefited from the PF policy of developing the whole country.

It is surprising that some old PF members are not happy and want to leave the party not because the party has departed from its pro-poor policies but because they have not found their feet in the current set-up. To those members who want to blindly follow those who have decided to frustrate the PF by breaking away must stop and reflect; does it profit to oppose the development agenda of Lungu’s government just to be appointed as chairmen of the new party?  I’m sure PF members have learnt a lesson from those who left PF with the former secretary general to form their own party.  Yes, everyone has the right to belong to a political party of his or her choice but following people blindly leaves a dent on one’s integrity and character, and it is such behaviour that has led many to destroy their political careers. There is room in this great party to grow to greater heights.

Enock Chulu 

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