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I recently flew to Chipata and what I saw of the purported airport almost made me scream my lungs out.

To have such an airport 51 years after independence is an incredible shame.

The runway is rough, bumpy and appears to have survived World War Two bombing. Even Adolf Hitler would have cried if he saw Chipata airport in the state it is today. The facility has no lights, so it is impossible to take off or land at this airport after 17.00. Totally nonsensical!

Nobody should give me the line about Mfuwe airport because that airport is many kilometres away from Chipata town which has already attained a municipality status, and who knows, soon Chipata will disgracefully be a city without an airport.

Can Government please improve this airport whose buildings too are a horrible sight; save for the hard working employees and good fire fighting equipment?

Angry Easterner.

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