THE people of Zambia must appreciate to have a leader like President Edgar Lungu who treats everyone equally, says Action Governance Forum executive director Justin Mushoke.

Mr Mushoke said it was a blessing to have Mr Lungu who had been preaching peace and unity and that all the political leaders should heed his way of governance.

He said the Head of State tried his best to unite the country and that the onus was on other leaders to follow his footprints.

“It is in this spirit of unity and purpose that Action Governance Forum thanks the President for his effort of trying to unify this country, and therefore those politicians who are not ready to unite this country should not be given any support,” he said.  Mr Mushoke said politicians should avoid careless talk especially when it comes to tribes if they were to be given support by every Zambian.

“We would like to thank President Lungu for his response to the tribal talk which this country has witnessed from some political leaders,” he said.

Mr Mushoke said it was important for every political leader in Zambia to respect every tribe because all the people were the same, saying Zambia needs politicians who could unite this country than dividing it through their irresponsible talk.

He said there was no tribe which was more special than another, but that all tribes should be treated with respect regardless of which region the tribe was based.

“It is sad that some politicians can start undermining other tribes in this country, when they are the ones who should unite people, and every political leader must respect all the tribes in this country for the purpose of unity and development for this nation,” he said.

Mr Mushoke said it was unfortunate that some political leaders could stand up and issue careless statements to bring division in the country.

He said Zambia being a Christian nation leaders were expected to behave responsibly and not to cause confusion in the country, saying politicians should be the ones in the forefront to unite all tribes.

“It is very difficult for a politician who does not respect other tribes to perform their functions to the expectation of the nation; and if a politician brings an issue of tribe then such politician should not be given any support because it is a sign of failure in their duties,” he said.

Mr Mushoke said politicians were there to serve the nation regardless of which tribe they belonged to, adding that politicians should understand the dynamics of tribes if they were to be appreciated by every tribe.

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