LOCAL contractors should emulate their counterparts working on the Chikankata administration block if they are to continue receiving contracts from government, Southern Province Minister Nathanael Mubukwanu has advised.

Mr. Mubukwanu told reporters that the six contractors working on the project had surpassed government’s expectations through the quality work and efficiency they have exhibited so far.

The six contractors are Lamsa, Davibate, Chusika Construction Company Limited, Royal Kent, Liead Trading Limited, and Shupe Investments Limited.

Lamsa is constructing a police station and 10 medium cost houses while Davibate is building a post office.

Chusika Construction Company Limited is building 20 low cost houses and associated external works while Royal Kent is building an administration block.

Others include Liead Trading Limited which is constructing a civic centre while Shupe Investments Limited is building 10 more houses.

Mr. Mubukwanu said with the quality of works done so far, there was no justification why the six companies should not be given similar contracts by government in future as they had demonstrated that there were still reliable companies in Zambia that could get the job done.

He said government was impressed with the performance of the six local companies as they were on course to delivering the structures to government on schedule while ensuring that the job done was of the highest standard.

Mr Mubukwanu challenged the local contractors to put in their very best if they were to win government contracts as most of them had betrayed the Zambians in the past by either compromising on the quality of works or abandoning the projects before they were completed.

He said Government was willing to work with local contractors provided they proved that they could reciprocate by satisfying the needs of such projects.

“We are extremely happy with the six companies which are working on the structures and this comes as a challenge to other Zambian companies to prove themselves that they can deliver according to the contractual needs.

“These companies have done extremely well and I see no reason why they cannot be given the contracts in future because unlike, what we have been hearing where local companies have been abandoning works or have done shoddy jobs, these have surpassed our expectation. They are not only on time, but they have also done a commendable job so far,” Mr. Mubukwanu said.

He said the district administration block would be opened by April this year as most of the works had already been done.

“The job is almost done. Access roads have been graded and marked and the water reticulation system is being developed where we have sunk industrial boreholes as part of our plan in the short-run but the water utility company will ensure that it brings water to the area in the long-run. Zesco has also been paid to ensure that power is connected to the district administration and are already working on that,” he said.

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