Dear Editor,

I wish to comment on the recently reversed ZESCO tariffs  and say no thanks to powers that be.

Smart ZESCO has just come with a back-door tariff increase-known as 3600.

When you report a fault, you are given a Customer Complaint Number and when you follow-up on the complaint, you are advised, alternatively, to text the CCN to 3600 for an update.

Good innovation. Text the CCN to 3600, you are charged K0.6 for the service.

So, ZESCO is actually ripping off customers by delaying attending to customer complaints. I think the company is full of crooks.

Examine the ZESCO invoices carefully, no e-mail address is given.

What appears on it are contact details before computers-phone numbers, plot numbers etc. ZESCO, please upgrade and modernise your customer care system. Kalya Bwizu 


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