SOME individuals masquerading as prophets have invaded Lusaka and are reportedly charging unsuspecting people huge sums of money for prayers purportedly to uplift their well-being.

This has prompted some concerned residents to call on relevant authorities to take serious action against the culprits.

The residents complained that because of the lure of easy money in form of tithe and contributions from churchgoers, there had been a sudden increase in the number of prophets in Lusaka, especially in townships.

They said the fake prophets were asking people to go to their make-shift churches for healing prayers and in the process demanded for money to be ‘‘blessed’’.

One of the concerned residents, Victoria Mwaba, said the ‘‘prophets’’ had on many occasions swindled residents out of their money through false prayers.

“Most of these prophets are fake and are just promoting witchcraft and people have lost money and property to pay them,” she said. Another resident Nosiku Nyambe said the increase in the number of traditional healers using the name of God to steal from people had reached frightening levels in Lusaka.

She called on the relevant authorities to investigate the matter and bring the perpetrators to book before the situation got worse.

“There are just so many prophets in Lusaka and sometimes people can’t differentiate between real and fake ones. The relevant authorities should quickly move in and control the situation,” she said.

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