ZAMBIANS should not allow the tribal war bells being sounded to catch the better of the people who have over the years lived in relative peace.

Despite Zambia having over 73 ethnic groupings, it is probably the only country which can boast of peace encouraged by the leaders of independence.

There might have been verbal conflicts between tribes among Zambians over land but the general picture of co-existence has been full of peace.

Zambians have adopted for themselves the One Zambia One Nation motto to demonstrate their oneness and togetherness and this has been the norm in the last 50 years.

Since Zambia attained her independence from the colonial masters in 1964, the leaders of this great country have all been preaching peace and a spirit of co-existence.

That is why it has become common to find Monde Chomba, Chileshe Sakala, Mudenda Phiri and indeed Mutinta Lungu.

This is in spite of Zambia’s political, cultural and social diversity. Zambia has been blessed with abundant peace and tranquility.

It is for this reason that some of our neighbours whose home countries are at war have over the years found refuge in Zambia.

It is therefore difficult to understand the reason behind some politicians to have started playing the tribal tune to canvass for political support.

The political players have even sucked in the traditional leaders to support their political cause to win political mileage.

This should come to an end as it has the potential to fuel civil strife causing tribe to rise against another, a situation Rwanda found itself in in 1994.

But assuming that political leaders using the tribe card succeeded to cause mayhem in the country, which side would the children of those who have engaged in inter-marriages fight?

Are they expecting a brother to harm a sister because they have different first names and are only connected through the surname?

It is for this reason that traditional leaders should heed President Edgar Lungu’s counsel that they should take the lead in promoting unity among Zambians.

Zambians are a well-cultured people whose respect for their traditional leadership is in most cases unquestionable.

The traditional leaders should not fall prey to a group of people whose agenda is regime change at whatever cost; including civil strife.

This is the reason the cartel which is trying to wrestle power from the current leadership is not afraid to use unguarded statements to achieve its agenda of portraying Zambia as a country whose social and economic status is in chaos.

But Zambians cannot allow the tribal war bells to reign and be actualized for the sake of some people who want to control state power.

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