THE Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)-Zambia executive committee has been challenged to name the corrupt officials in Government instead of tarnishing the image of Zambia to impress their pay-masters, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) has charged.

ZRP president Wright Musoma said it was wrong for MISA-Zambia to mislead the people by making wild allegations that there was rampant corruption in Zambia and has challenged the institution to name those who were corrupt so that they could be prosecuted.

Mr. Musoma said if what MISA was claiming was true, there was need for the institution to ‘‘come out of its cocoon’’ by naming the corrupt elements so that the law could take its course rather than masquerading in the media over things they just suspected.

He said MISA would remain useless if it remained mute on issues of corruption which had robbed  Zambians of resources which could be used to better their lives, adding that negative statements made to discredit Government had a huge impact on the economy and should never be tolerated.

“If what MISA is claiming is true, then why are they keeping quiet? The President has made it clear that he will not tolerate corruption in his Government and so, as whistle-blowers, they are protected and so, their cause would have been smooth if they had facts and evidence towards that.

“If there is rampant corruption, then there are people involved and these are the people we want to know and not just statements alleging rampant corruption in Zambia because that does not solve the problem.

‘‘We now challenge them (MISA) to name the corrupt people in Government by reporting them to police or Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and not just making misdirected statements which will never make any impact in the end,” Mr. Musoma said.

He said the ‘‘shadow boxing’’ that MISA was involved in proved that the institution had abandoned its mandate of representing the media in the country and had waged a war against Government in order to impress its funders.

Mr Musoma said the path MISA had taken of criticising Government unnecessarily was retrogressive and provided no solution to the challenges the country was facing, adding that there was need for the institution to refocus its mandate if it was to live up to the expectations of Zambians, especially among the media institutions.

“MISA should not be taken seriously because this same institution is allegedly receiving funding from external institutions whose objective is to wage a war against the government of the day. This they have been doing through some media institution which is a direct beneficiary of such proceeds. This is a group of people who are ready to sell Zambia just to gain financial advantage by substituting truth with malice and lies.

“We call upon Zambians not to be misled by these cheap lies and malice because we know the truth about Zambia. Yes, we know that there is no government in the world which is corruption-free, but we are asking them to do us a favour by naming these bad eggs so that we sort them out and they are chucked out,” he said.

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