Mwandi MMD member of Parliament Michael Kaingu’s decision to stand on the Patriotic Front ticket in this year’s election will not in any way affect the opposition party, its leader Nevers Mumba said yesterday.

Dr Mumba said the Higher Education minister’s defection to the ruling party was long expected and it was the reason that his replacement was already planned.

But PF deputy spokesperson Fr Frank Bwalya has welcomed Dr Kaingu to the ruling party and says the minister was free to join other members of the party who wished to be adopted for the parliamentary seat.

Dr Mumba said he was not surprised by Dr Kaingu’s decision as he had for a long time been associated with the PF.

“Let Dr Kaingu go and leave room for fresh blood to bring new ideas to the MMD,’’ Dr Mumba said.

He was reacting to the decision by Dr Kaingu to stand on the PF ticket in this year’s general election.

He said nobody would stop a person who had made a decision on his own because it was his democratic right to support whichever party he desired.

“If he has made a decision to go, let him go; it is his democratic right and we already have a replacement for Mwandi,” Dr Mumba said.

He explained that the departure of Dr Kaingu was an opportunity for young people to work for the former ruling party.

“It is an opportunity for fresh blood and other people who wish to continue celebrating the party to get their chance, ‘’ Dr Mumba added.

He also revealed that the party’s national executive committee would soon meet to determine whether Dr Kaingu’s pronouncement breached the party’s constitution.

The MMD president said it was during this meeting that it would be decided whether Dr Kaingu’s action attracted any disciplinary action.

“The national executive committee is going to meet very soon and to determine whether Dr Kaingu’s action impedes on the constitution and if it will trigger any disciplinary actions. As for now it doesn’t affect us in anyway because he was already working with the PF,’’ he said.

He said the adoption process would have to be completed before the replacement of Dr Kaingu and that he could only wish him well in his endeavours with the PF.

But  Fr Bwalya welcomed Mr Kaingu to the PF, adding that the Mwandi MP was free to join other members of the party who wished to be adopted for the parliamentary seat.

“Dr Kaingu is welcome to the PF and he is free to join our party together with the other members who wish to be adopted for the Mwandi seat which he is currently holding,” he said.

Fr Bwalya said the PF was ready to welcome members from other political parties as the PF was the only party that gave Zambians any hope.

He said his party expected a lot of defectors from the MMD this year as it had continued to attract people.

“We expected to have a lot of people coming from MMD because we have continued to attract a lot of people like a magnet, and they are welcome because this is the only party with a good and noble leader who has continued to serve the Zambian people selflessly,” Fr Bwalya said.

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