There is still a lot of cartel members masquerading as civil servants who will do anything to frustrate the Head of State ahead of the August 11 general elections, the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has said.

ZDDM president Edwin Sakala said the cartel members would do anything to see President Edgar Lungu out of office.

He said the cartel members were the ones behind the leaking of confidential documents to selected media houses.

Mr Sakala said President Lungu must quickly act on dismantling the cartel and if possible send some of them to jail for the crimes which they had been committing in the past.

He said cases of the cartel involving themselves in theft and abuse of public funds should not be left to die a natural death.

Mr Sakala said the cartel had a lot of money to fight President Lungu in August and that was why they had even started purchasing helicopters and vehicles

He said the cartel members were currently busy sourcing for campaign funds from dangerous organizations.

“The cartel will do anything to ensure that President Lungu fails so win the elections in August.

We can tell from the way they have been trying to frustrate him from the time he assumed office,” Mr Sakala said.

He said President Lungu needed to urgently clean the system before the August general elections.

Mr Sakala urged President Lungu to be on the lookout for the cartel as they would do anything to frustrate him during elections.

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