What started as normal case of pregnancy compensation turned nasty for a Lusaka boy when he was later handed over to police by a Local court for making a 15-year old girl and slapped him with defilement.

Before Senior Court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with Magistrates Ackim Phiri and Sarah Nyendwa at Kanyama Local Court was the boy who the court found guilty and ordered to pay K5,000 to the mother of the 16-year old girl Jennifer Sana of Kalundu.

Sana told the court that she called the  boy to resolve the matter when the child was born but he denied paternity.

In defence, the boy admitted making love to the girl but denied making her pregnant.

Magistrate Daniel Phiri told the boy that it was punishable offence to sleep with a girl without the consent of her parents even if she did not fall pregnant.

He ordered the boy  to pay K5, 000 as compensation with initial payment of K1, 000 followed by monthly installments of K400.

He advisedhim  to go for DNA test if he still doubted the paternity of the child.

However, the boy  was later detained at the court and ordered to be surrendered to police because what he did was defilement as the girl got pregnant when she was 15-years-old.

And in the same court a 16-year-old girl sued her husband of three years for burning her clothes and deserting her.

The husband of the girl was absent and the court adjourned the matter to a later date.

Magistrate Daniel Phiri however wondered why parents married off their daughters at tender age.

He said that the girl got married when she was 13-years-old which was also defilement.

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  1. James K. says:

    This is insane. The law should be reviewed in such matters. A 17-year-old BOY must not be charged with “defilement” for sleeping with a girl who is 1 or 2 years younger than him. If anything, BOTH are still children.

    WHERE IS THE SENSE IN THAT because the article also reports “a 16-year-old girl sued her husband of three years for burning her clothes and deserting her”? Or why can’t that “husband of three years” also be charged with defilement? How old was the second girl when she married that husband? The law must not be used disproportionately on minors, that’s ruining the future of children.


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