A WOMAN admitted in Lusaka Local Court telling her husband that he does not satisfy her sexually whenever he provokes her.

 This is in a case in which Miriam Mpundu, 27, of Kalundu sued her husband, Wilfred Chibwe, 27, a businessman for divorce.

However, Chibwe objected to the divorce application because he still loved his wife.

The two got married in 2013 and have one child.

Mpundu told the court that all was well until 2014 when Chibwe did not want to be controlled.

Mpundu said that when they sat down to discuss their misunderstanding Chibwe accused her of being disrespectful and later Mpundu’s mother suggested that she needed counselling.

Mpundu further stated that in August 2015 she suggested that they divorce since she did not respect him. Later Chibwe sued her for divorce but withdrew the case.

“Last year in December I heard that he had impregnated another woman and a month later he admitted the accusations. When I asked him about the matter. He has been beating in the night during the last two weeks and I have medical report to prove the beatings,” said Mpundu.

Asked by the court if she could give Chibwe the last chance since he still loved her, Mpundu said it was possible she could.

In defence, Chibwe said that he found Mpundu with a child whose father died and that the child was staying with her former husband’s relatives but later they started keeping the child.

But the relatives of her former husband got the child again and differences arose.

Chibwe said that Mpundu had no respect for him and that every time they differed her mother would advise her to pack her things. At one time she attempted committing suicide.

Asked by Mpundu how she did not respect him, Chibwe said that she reached an extent of saying that he did satisfy her sexually but Mpundu said that it was out of anger.

Chibwe admitted impregnating another woman but said he would not marry her.

Magistrate Ackim Phiri reconciled the couple since they were both willing to start afresh.

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