Waterborne disease fear grips Kalingalinga

Fear of water borne diseases has gripped residents of Kalingalinga Township in Lusaka because of blocked drainages which are making water to stagnant.

Mubanga Phiri, a resident complained that the state of drainages in Kalingalinga was pathetic.

He feared that the poor state of the drainages was likely to cause waterborne disease outbreaks in the area.

“The drainage system here is not in good shape, dirty rainy water doesn’t flow, it stays in one place which makes it worse, because the area is likely to experience disease out breaks,” he said. Another resident Mary Kasonde blamed both the residents and the Lusaka City Council (LCC) for not doing much to curb the situation.

Ms Kasonde said some residents were in habit of dumping garbage in drainages, saying that this was worsening the situation.

She also noted that the council had not been inspecting the area regarding the state of drainages.

“Both the residents and the Council is to blame, because they are not doing much to control the situation. Residents here don’t know how to keep the drainages free and clean, they keep on dumping waste. Drainages are not used the way they are supposed to be used. On the other hand, the council doesn’t inspect to check on what is happening,” she said.

But LCC Public Relations Manager Mulunda Habeenzu said the council was committed to ensuring that the city had good drainage systems.

Mr. Habeenzu stated that unless there was cooperation between the council and residents, the drainage system challenges would still remain an issue in the area.

He observed that in most instances, residents were not cooperative in helping the council to achieve its objectives and serve residents better.

Mr. Habenzu has since called for cooperation between the council and the residents, saying that drainages were not only the council’s responsibility, but the residents as well.

“The problem is that residents do not cooperate, we have put up systems in place for residents to pay to the community based enterprise for the waste to be collected, but they don’t pay. Yet they have continued to throw garbage in the drainage systems, this has to stop. Residents must consider cooperating with the council, if we are to have a good drainage system,” he said.

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